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Soybean Wax Aromatherapy Massage Candle | Ease Joints

Soybean Wax Aromatherapy Massage Candle | Ease Joints

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These Soybean Massage Candles have been carefully blended using only pure essential oils and natural plant waxes. Jojoba oil adds a tactile and luxury feel to this warm wax massage.

The ingredients are extremely rich and moisturising so a little will go a long way. Ideal for rubbing into those dry skin areas to replenish and nourish the skin. Made with the finest natural blend of waxes and only pure essential oils.

So turn down the lights set the mood with some relaxing music. Ensure the room is warm and you have soft towels and warm hands. 

Soybean Massage Candles come packed in a beautiful brown display box with information and how to use leaflet inside. Perfect as a romantic gift from one lover to another. 

Candle Size - 7*7cm

  • Joints Ease - Essential oils blend that reaches those ache places. Rosemary, Ginger, Geranium, Clove.

Key Product Features

Candle Size - 7*7cm

Carefully blended using only pure essential oils and natural plant waxes.

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Using your Product

Light the candle for 15-30 minutes before use.
Blow out the flame and let the melted oil cool for a couple of minutes.
Pour the oil into your hands and gently massage into your skin.

When burning for the first time, let it burn for so that the entire top burns evenly to prevent 'tunneling'.

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