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Californian White Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge Sticks

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Double the benefits with these 10cm Californian White Sage & Yerba Santa smudge sticks. 

Using Smudge Sticks  or smudging has many benefits which you can read about on our information page 

If you are looking for  gifts for a spiritualist, yogi, or someone moving into a new home browse our Spiritual and Wellbeing Gift Sets.

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    Standard UK - £4.95 - Dispatched within 3 - 5 working days, 48 Hour Royal Mail standard delivery

    2 Day Delivery - £8.00 - Dispatched next day if ordered before 10 am, DPD next day delivery

    Directions for Use / Safety Information

    Open a window/door

    Light one end of the smudge stick for approx 15/20 seconds.

    Let the flame take hold then blow out.

    To Smudge Home, walk around your space fanning the smoke into all areas, particularly corners.

    Place in an heat proof dish/saucer, abalone shell or smudge bowl.