Top 10

Peppermint - Energising - good in the car,inhale, will help you to concentrate. Digestive

Lavender - Versatile, mild, first oil pepole experiment with on the journey. Use pro-activley everyday as a daily wellness routine as it calms and relaxes the body, also good for skin irritations and a deep restful nights sleep. Most cases can be used without a carrier oil - before bedtime on the soles of your feet. Everyday for Caling, reducing and managing stress, calmin emotions rest and relax

Lemon = Daily proactive, use in water to drink internally one drop am and pm. Helpful for a daily proactive detox, good in diffuser for an uplifting aroma, promotes a positive mood. Cleansing, purifying, uplifing  - 30 lemons for 1 10ml Reduce toxic load

Tea Tree - from rejuvenating effect on skin, cleansing, antimicrobial and anitbackterial, can support the immune system in capsule form.

Oregano - herb for cooking, can be used in cooking but is 70 times more powerful than the herb. Capsule form as a purifiying agent to naturally fight infections, natural antibiotics, hot oil, warts, verucca - antifungal

Frankincense - the king of the oils Daily use pro active routine, supports cellualar hatlth, immune, brain function and skincars, Anti inflamma - joint, muscle, skeletal pain  massage -nourishing effect on the skin - like botox in a bottle! 



Blends for proactive support

Protective - rub into soles of feet to boost immune response, capsule, diffuse