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SoulScents Essentials Aromatherapy Oils.

Our Everyday Essentials range of Essential Oils are only £3.95 per bottle or Pick & Mix any 3 from the range for only £10. Discount automatically applied at checkout.



For as far back as time plants have been used to heal, slowly but surely the research is catching up.


The questions we get asked the most about Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy FAQs

What are the benefits of using Aromatherapy?

Using Aromatherapy in your day to day life has so many benefits.

The number of scientific studies backing this up with evidence is growing, with a lot of recent studies seemingly confirming what Ancients have known for milennia!

Find out more in our 9 Benefits of Using Aromatherapy blog post

How can we be sure the oils are real and 100% pure?

Our oils are sourced from the most reputable wholesale suppliers that have been trading for decades.

All our oils have a Certificate of Conformity with IFRA Standards.

For more information click here.

How much oil should I use? How do I dilute it?

When starting your Aromatherapy journey it can be a bit overwhelming!

As a general rule, less is more and always dilute Essential Oils before applying directly to your skin or bath water.

Check out our Getting started with Aromatherapy - Dilution Guide blog post.

It has everything you need to demystify the process and is also available in a convenient downloadble PDF format.

What size should I get? How long do the oils last?

We recommend starting with the 10ml bottles.

They contain approx 200-250 drops of oil and last up to 12 months when opened and stored in a cool dry place.

More cost effective larger sizes are available, a great option for regular use, cosmetics or diy aromatherapy.

100% Pure & natural

Soul Scents ORGANICS

Worried about your essential oils having pesticides, fertilizers and or other nasty chemicals?

Then our new range of organic essential oils and blending oils is what you need.


Aromatherapy on the Go

Life can be stressful whereever we are. Our roller blends, aroma diffuser jewellery and car aromatherapy kits are perfect for when you're out and about,

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