Crystal Healing 101 | Amazonite | Meaning, Properties, Powers & Practical Uses


Change your life for better with Amazonite - The Stone of Hope. 

Also known as the Stone of Success & Abundance

Bearing more than a striking resemblance to Jade, Amazonite is not just a 'pretty face'! From ancient days, it has been used as a stone of healing - in jewellery as talismans to ward of both bad spirits and negative thoughts. 

Crystal Family

MOH Hardiness


Australia, Madagascar, Russia, Namibia, India, Canada, and Brazil. It is also found in Virginia and Colorado in the US.


Amazonite is a silicate that’s usually pale green in color, but there are also Amazonite stones that are opaque green, blue-green color, yellow-green or turquoise blue.


Energy Filter - use around your electric gadgets to reduce any electro magnetic impacts.

Amazonite (like Moonstone) can will help you achieve clarity of mind, clearing nay muddled thoughts you may have. It can also help you gain a better 'inner'standing of yourself. 

If you've got 'creative block' Amazonite may help you to unleash your creative and imaginative side

Amazonite is also a great stone to have if you want something to manifest in your life. This stone will encourage you to be bold and brave, to make your dreams come true, and to keep trying until they do!


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